As we move toward a brighter future as Indiana Democrats, we must drive a sharp contrast between what we believe and what Republicans believe – and how Hoosiers see government and public service.

Based on the data from our poll, we have identified three core principles that set us apart from the GOP and should serve as our framework as we discuss the key public policy issues our state faces:

  1. Indiana Democrats believe that the focus of government must be on results and problem-solving, not on ideological differences.
  2. Indiana Democrats believe that good government has the capacity to be efficient and improve people’s lives. We must be attentive to opportunity and economic fairness as we work to level the playing field for working families.
  3. Indiana Democrats believe that good government invests responsibly in education, infrastructure, small business and quality of life for all Hoosiers.


Our Core Ideology has been developed with extensive deliberation and with careful input from the founding members of the Victory Committee. It is envisioned that our Core Ideology will be static and will stand the test of time in that our Core Purpose and Core Values are proven and consistent with that required to advance our Democratic principles for generations to come.

In Corporate America, companies and organizations often adopt “Tag Lines” to identify their entity. In theory, tag lines should succinctly describe the organization’s core purpose. In keeping with this theory and consistent with the discussion to date is the following Victory Committee

Core Purpose:

“To Unify, Inspire, and Empower Voters to
Elect Democratic Public Servants Who Promote
Hoosier Values, Fiscal Responsibility, and Progressive Government.”

Based on the research completed and information gathered to date including input from those interested in joining the Victory Committee, the history of the Indiana Democratic Party, the 2008 Democratic National Platform, and the Indiana Democratic Platform are the following Core Values of the Victory Committee:

  • Ongoing Long Term Success of the Indiana Democratic Party. The Victory Committee seeks to support the Indiana Democratic Party by providing leadership and resources that will assist in electing visionary, intelligent, hardworking, and courageous public servants who are willing to reach across partisan divides to truly serve their fellow Hoosiers.
  • Inclusion. We believe in basic human and civil rights and equality for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and disability.
  • Personal Responsibility and Shared Sacrifice. We believe that character, imagination, diligence, hard work and faith are qualities that determine individual achievement and create an inherent responsibility to watch out for our fellow Hoosiers.
  • Ethical, Responsible and Fair Government. We believe that government must be open, honest, transparent and bi-partisan. Government must listen to its people, lift up our citizens, and be accountable to taxpayers for our public resources including the environment.
  • High Quality Education. We believe that all Hoosier children should have access to high quality education incorporating a robust, achievement-based curriculum with equitable funding and efficient administration.
  • High Wage, High Skilled Jobs. We believe that aggressive economic and workforce development policies will create high wage, high skilled jobs and will enable all Hoosiers to raise a family, live in safe surroundings, send their children to college, and retire with dignity and security.
  • Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare. We believe in access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Hoosiers.
  • Public Service Candidates. We believe that our Core Purpose and Values can only be realized through the election of Democratic public servants who are dedicated to bringing all of Indiana together and making sure no one gets left behind.