More than five years ago, a group of dedicated and loyal Democrats came together to talk about the future of the Democratic Party in Indiana. Many substantive topics were discussed and rigorously debated. But one common thread seemed to keep surfacing – the need to unify the Democratic Party and coordinate our efforts in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 –with a particular emphasis on 2010 because of what was at stake in terms of redistricting and reapportionment.
The Indiana Democrats 2010 Victory Committee (now officially called the Indiana Democrats Victory Committee – hereafter noted as “Victory”) was formed to assist the Indiana Democratic Party by helping to fill the anticipated fundraising gaps in 2010 and 2011. In addition to financial resources, the Victory 2010 Committee continued to provide a sense of vision, expertise and leadership through which our party has benefited.

The foundation of Victory is rooted in its Core Purpose and Core Values. The members of the Committee are dedicated to our Core Purpose which is:

“To Unify, Inspire and Empower Voters to Elect Democratic Public Servants Who Promote Hoosier Values, Fiscal Responsibility and Progressive Government.”

The Indiana Democratic Party and the Indiana Democrats Victory Committee are committed to recruiting, supporting and electing “public-service” candidates. At the very core of the Democratic Party is the notion that “we’re all in this together.” Nothing could be truer as we look toward rebuilding our party. Serious ramifications will result if we fall short – in terms of the health and efficacy of our party, and its overall relevance and influence in the public debate, both on the national and state levels.

As we move toward a brighter future as Indiana Democrats, we must drive a sharp contrast between what we believe and what Republicans believe – and how Hoosiers see government and public service.

Based on the data from our poll, we have identified three core principles that set us apart from the GOP and should serve as our framework as we discuss the key public policy issues our state faces:

    1. Indiana Democrats believe that the focus of government must be on results and problem-solving, not on ideological differences.
    2. Indiana Democrats believe that good government has the capacity to be efficient and improve people’s lives. We must be attentive to opportunity and economic fairness as we work to level the playing field for working families.
    3. Indiana Democrats believe that good government invests responsibly in education, infrastructure, small business and quality of life for all Hoosiers.

Together, as one party, with one vision, with quality candidates, we can overcome any obstacle that presents itself. Let’s go win!

To date, Victory has recruited and included an impressive group of leaders of our state. It consists of a management committee, which is represented on our Organizational Chart.